Meetaut: Frequently asked questions


Meetaut is a modern application that helps the parents of autistic children launch or join socialization events with other parents and volunteers in their towns.


We believe that socialization is a powerful, yet unexplored, therapy able to improve the lives of poeple with autism. Further, we believe that families may break out from their loneliness by connecting with other families and volunteers. 


It is simple: each Meetauter can either launch local events or participate to events organized by other Meetauters (or both)! While this is the core function of our application, other functions have been added to facilitate socialization and inclusion.

What is Meetaut's mission?

Our mission is to create a vibrant Community, populated by families, volunteers and therapists, that facilitates inclusion, socialization and reciprocal support among people dealing with the autism spectrum disorder.



You can register if you are a tutor (the mother, father, brother, sister, friend, uncle, grandfather or grandmother) of an autistic child or a volunteer, a volunteer, or a autism therapist.


As a volunteer, you can launch or join socialization events to help our special children and their parents break out from loneliness! We welcome volunteers of any age.


If you are an autism specialized therapist, you can register to Meetaut and appear on our map. Families will be able to find and contact you.

Why do I need to enter my phone?

If you provide your phone, other Meetauters will be able to call you. If you decide to keep your phone confidential, you will only receive emails from other Members (which may not be practical). We do not provide your contact details, including your phone number, to any third party.

Why you request my address?

If you enter your address, we are able to place you on the Meetauters map and help other Members find you. If you leave your address blank, you will not appear on the map:( To protect your privacy, you can enter an address near your actual one. What is important is to know in which area of the city you live, especially if you reside in a big city!

Launching and Joining Events


It takes only one minute to launch an event in your town: click on “Launch Event” from the Home area of the app and fill in the form with the details. As you post the event, it appears on the calendar of the upcoming events and any other Meetauter can view your proposal, contact you, and participate.


Any Meetauter can launch new events on our app. Choose an eye-catching title and provide all the necessary details (proposed activity, date, time, place) to attract the interest of other Meetauters and make your event successfull and memorable!


Other users are able to see your events on the “Events” tab of the application (which is essentially a calendar of the upcoming events). Events can be filtered by city, so anybody can find events in the nearby. When you post a new event, we also notify all Members by email (push notifications will be implemented soon)!


You will be notified by email about any new posted event. Mobile notifications will be implemented later on this year. We suggest to check the events calendar on the application from time to time, to make sure you do not miss any interesting meeting!


Yes, tap on the button “Events” and see if there is any interesting proposal (you can filter events by city, tapping on the filter icon at the top right of the application). If you see an interesting event, you can view the details, the organizer profile and their ratings, and send you participation from the app.





Just click on this link. You can donate by credit card, Paypal or bank debit. Donations are managed in a safe and secure way by our partner Donorbox. Further, you can decide between a “one time” or “recurring” donation. We welcome donations of any amount, even 1€ will be helpful!



Other Questions?

Please send us an email if you have other questions, or would like to propose anything.

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